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Upgrade PTZ Control Center with AW-SF300 | How to - Videos

In this episode of the Panasonic ProAV ‘How To…’- series Dean Offord will introduce the Visual Preset Software Key AW-SF300 and show how it’s benefits upgrade the usage of the ‘PTZ Control Center’. The AW-SF300 adds intuitive GUI-based operation to the free-to-download ‘PTZ Control Center’ software. The PTZ Control Center software enables the management and control of multiple Panasonic 4K/HD PTZ cameras using a PC. The software key SF300 is an optional accessory (additional fee applies) that enables the management and control of PTZ camera presets through a GUI screen whilst incorporating photos and layout diagrams assigned by the user. Find out more about: Visual Preset Software Key AW-SF300: Free Trial Download: Free-to-download PTZ Control Center: Panasonic PASS page:

  • University of Kassel utilises Panasonic education solutions to enrich its digital & hybrid learning

    During the last years, th…

    During the last years, the University of Kassel has broadened its digital learning technology and offers. They record lectures to offer them ‘on demand’ for students not being able to attend classes in person, they livestream lectures and generally focus to enrich their ‘hybrid learning’. They keep a focus on balancing their on-demand and remote learning sessions with in-person lectures and classes. Panasonic’s glass-to-glass education solution, a complete chain of content production from capturing and mixing distribution and display, fits into the university’s requirements while ensuring futureproof technology, easy usage and constant development. Panasonic projectors, PTZ cameras and Auto-Tracking Software are used in conjunction with the Panopto video management tool to record, stream and store all lectures. The PTZ cameras and projectors are installed in more than 20 rooms and halls and are all controlled centrally in one control room via Panasonic controllers and mixers. Find out more Panasonic solutions for education: PTZ Cameras & Auto-Tracking Software: Projectors: University Kassel: #education #remotelearning #videomanagement
  • Production Done Right - Panasonic Virtual Event with New UE PTZ Series

    Exclusive preview of the …

    Exclusive preview of the new Panasonic PTZ line up! 00:02 Intro 02:00 Welcome from Andre Meterian, Director Professional Video Systems Business Unit (EMEA) 08:42 First Exclusive footage shot on AW-UE80 10:05 New UE Series Line-Up: AW-UE20, AW-UE40, AW-UE50, AW-UE80 20:42 Direct Drive System 24:00 NDI, NDI|HX & SRT 45:37 Live Q&A Session 1:01:25 Pricing #PTZ #video #virtualproduction
  • Using Panasonic Auto-Tracking Software with multiple PTZ cameras | How to - Videos

    This episode of the Panas…

    This episode of the Panasonic ProAV “How To..”-series is focused on the server-based Auto-Tracking Software AW-SF200. Let Dean Offord guide you through the download and installation process and give you answers to many of the FAQ for the software. One of the key abilities of the server based auto tracking software is to track up to 4 PTZ cameras per server at the same time. Find out more about: Server based Auto-Tracking Software AW-SF200: Panasonic PASS:
  • Bringing Edinburgh International Festival to life with Panasonic’s complete video capture solution

    Stagecast and Panasonic h…

    Stagecast and Panasonic have helped the Edinburgh International Festival reach a wider audience than ever before by streaming six classical concerts from the world-renowned annual arts event. Stagecast used a rig system to film the concerts built around a total of eight Panasonic AW-UE150 PTZ cameras, one of which was mounted on a Panapod. They also used three Panasonic AK-UC4000 Studio System cameras – one on a crane and the other two at the back of the venue with super-telephoto lenses for front coverage of the enormous venue. Using the UC4000 cameras meant that the images could be accurately picture-matched with the UE150 cameras using scene files provided by Panasonic. Find out more: Panasonic PTZ cameras: Panasonic system cameras: Panasonic robotic solutions: AW-UE150 scene files - Stagecast: Edinburgh International Festival: #PanasonicPTZ #Remoteproduction #Robotics
  • Panasonic PTZs just got better… Introducing our new PTZ Line Up

    Panasonic PTZs just got b…

    Panasonic PTZs just got better… For more information and an unlimited Q&A session, please join our ‘PTZ Virtual Event’ on November 3rd, 2021: Mark your calendars and see you then! Find out more about our wide PTZ remote camera range:
  • Creating a ‘gamers paradise’ with Panasonic PTZ cameras and robotic solutions

    To watch in your local la…

    To watch in your local language, please activate subtitles. Content of this video: 00:01 Intro 00:18 The Gaming Paradise 00:40 ESPOT Concept 01:27 Challenges 02:25 ESPOT & Panasonic Since the summer of 2021, gamers in Paris have a place to go to give themselves over to their passion: Espot. This one of a kind global place is 2,000m² of consoles for players of any kind and space to meet, incl an arena for competitions and its own TV studio. It features over 130 gaming stations, but it is more than just a gaming room – it is an entertainment space with a gaming and ESport theme. While building ESpot, the focus was on using and installing flexible and futureproof technology. To be able to handle the different requirements and application throughout the location, it was decided to use Panasonic PTZ cameras and robotic solutions within an NDI infrastructure The PTZ cameras are highly appreciated by operators for their reliability, image quality and ease of usage. And they can easily be integrated with the 7m Tuning ceiling rail that was installed to include additional perspectives. Both systems can be centrally controlled and therefore do not require any additional man power. With this installed system, ESpot is very flexible and can easily adjust to whatever the situation on site will be – from a normal day to a bigger competition. Find out more: Panasonic PTZ cameras: Panasonic robotic solutions: ESpot:
  • SciencesPo employs Panasonic cameras to create hybrid and remote classes

    To watch in your local la…

    To watch in your local language, please activate subtitles. The world renowned SciencesPO University in France worked with Panasonic to extend its digital offering to include hybrid and remote education due to the special sanitary circumstances. Panasonic remote camera were chosen after an intensive test period as they best suited the university’s requirements. They incorporate futureproof technology, can be integrated into the existing equipment, are installed and mixed easily and provide excellent image quality. In addition, educators at the university can easily create their own camera mix with just a small remote control and therefore do not require any additional technical support during their lectures. The university currently uses 50 Panasonic cameras and 5 mixers at their different locations to ensure that all lecture halls at each campus have the same automated technology available – and can be controlled from a central point in Paris if needed. Find out more about the Panasonic PTZ camera range here:
  • Panasonic - The best PTZ just get better…

    Exciting news coming soon…

    Exciting news coming soon…Stay tuned!
  • First Russian broadcaster to produce major sporting fixtures in 4K HDR with Panasonic

    Being one of the main pla…

    Being one of the main players on sports broadcast market in Russia and CIS, TV Start produces more than 1000 broadcasts annually. The majority of the coverage is done with the OB Vans equipped with Panasonic. Vladimir Shirokov, Chief Producer, talks through the experience of the main national and international tournaments, trends and latest technologies.
  • How Panasonic Business supports Higher Education institutions

    Across Europe, leading un…

    Across Europe, leading universities choose Panasonic technology and expertise to help them deliver premium learning experiences. Our technology is renowned for its quality and reliability. And our ability to offer end-to-end solutions – from hardware and software right through to installation and ongoing support – means universities call on us as a one-stop shop of exceptional coaching and consultation. For more info:
  • How to operate the Kairos control panel I Panasonic Broadcast & ProAV

    In Episode 4 Helge Schenk…

    In Episode 4 Helge Schenk details the features and functionalities of the Kairos control panel operation such as Smart Panel Delegation, Built-in Painter and more, aiming to execute the production live on air as accurately as ever at all times. An important part of any production is the control panel operation. The Kairos panel can be fully customized and configured thanks to the panel delegation wizard. CONTENTS: 00:45 Control Panel Profiles 04:04 Transition area 04:45 Smart Delegation 06:35 Transitions and Built-in Painter Find out more: #Panasonic #LiveStreaming #LiveProduction
  • How to manage output substitutions with Kairos I Panasonic Broadcast & ProAV

    From remote production, t…

    From remote production, to sold-out arenas, high-traffic platforms and live broadcasts, Kairos enables to manage output substitution on the fly with no compromise on ME/hardware, contrary to conventional switchers. In the episode 3 Helge Schenk explains various branding scenarios for the show using effects input on crosspoints and AUX busses. CONTENTS: 00:44 Using Crosspoints for Scene compositions 01:49 Using FxInputs for Crosspoint branding 03:18 Enabling Overlay effect on AUX Bus 05:51 Output Substitutions Find out more: #Panasonic #LiveBroadcast #Kairos
  • How to stream live mass with AW-UE150 PTZ camera: Jasna Góra shrine I Panasonic Broadcast & ProAV

    Discover how AW-UE150 PTZ…

    Discover how AW-UE150 PTZ cameras enable the streaming of masses in extremely demanding lighting conditions, and reliable transmission 18 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year whilst maintaining flawless image quality. The Shrine of the Black Madonna in Czestochowa, also known as Jasna Góra, is one of the most famous in Poland and the world. Recent developments meant masses could not be attended in person and, as such, challenged the monastery to find a way to deliver its services to the community at home. Panasonic cameras have been documenting the ceremonies at the Chapel of Our Lady at Jasna Góra in Poland for almost 20 years. The AW-UE150 4K PTZ cameras were installed in December 2019 as the third generation of cameras from Panasonic. These PTZ cameras allow broadcasters such as TRWAM and TVP to participate in the daily liturgical broadcast from Jasná Góra. The PTZ cameras make use of the AW-RP150 camera controller, located in a central control room, and enable a live broadcast without the involvement of other technical services. Find out more about the AW-UE150 4K PTZ Camera (Polish): Find out more about the AW-UE150 4K PTZ Camera (English): #Panasonic #LiveStreaming #LiveMass #LiveCamera
  • Compositing with KAIROS | Panasonic Broadcast & Pro AV

    Watch episode 2 of our A …

    Watch episode 2 of our A Day In the Life Series as we showcase the art of live compositing with KAIROS from the setup to switching. Thanks to Kairos’ software-based operation, the live production with lots of PiPs and compositions can be done fast and in a very intuitive way. Watch Helge explaining the next steps of live production with Kairos showcasing how to work with bus dissolves, Virtual PTZ effect and building 9-Box layout. CONTENTS: 00:44 Enabling Dissolve Effects on Crosspoints 02:46 Virtual PTZ Effect 04:57 Building 9-Box Effect 08:30 Production Reload Learn more about KAIROS: #Panasonic #LiveProduction #Esports
  • Production Setup for Esports with KAIROS | Panasonic Broadcast & Pro AV

    Watch our A Day In the Li…

    Watch our A Day In the Life Series episode as we showcase the art of live compositing with KAIROS from the setup to switching. In this episode, Helge Schenk, Kairos Product specialist sets-up the platform for an esports production. From the layout set-up and ingesting elements to production loading, Kairos transforms the way you go live, offering operational freedom and maximum efficiency. CONTENTS: 00:45 Layout set-up 02:54 Loading Elements (RAM, Clips, Stills) 05:09 Adding FxInputs 09:00 Working with effects/transitions 12:33 Saving and loading Learn more about KAIROS: #Panasonic #LiveProduction #Esports
  • Bus splitting & Transition panel I INSIDE Kairos

    In this episode you will …

    In this episode you will learn how to set and customize box effects within the Kairos control panel. Furthermore, Helge Schenk will explain the process of transition panel delegation. 08:10 Setting Box effects 02:58 Working with Transitions 06:07 Selecting FxInputs, Macros and more

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