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TOUGBOOK N1 Hand Strap 
Belangrijkste functies

Adjustable elastic strap to keep the device secure in hand 

The hand strap attaches to either top retention point on the N1 device for left or right handed users 

Accommodates the TOUGHBOOK N1 and can be kept on the device while using the Toughmate N1 Holster 

Available in two options – Small/Medium or Large/Extra Large 

PCPE-INFF1S1 - Large / Extra Large (LXL) (MOQ: 200)PCPE-INFF1S3 - Small / Medium (SMD) (MOQ: 500) 

Volledige Specificaties

Dimensions 32 x 152 x 6.35 mm / 1.25 X 6.0 X 0.25"
Weight 17 g / 0.6 oz
Warranty 12 months
Compatibility TOUGHBOOK N1 only