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For the emergency services specialist

Toughbook G1

Emergency services look to TOUGHBOOK when they are:

  • Facing high rates of device failures out in the field
  • Frustrated with the performance of their current mobile computing solution

  • Experiencing connectivity issues, and struggling to access critical applications and data in real-time

Trusted by emergency services professionals

TOUGHBOOK notebooks, tablets and handhelds operate where other technology fails. Military-grade durability, reliability and performance mean they’re ready to go whenever you are, maximising the productivity of your workforce.

And thanks to world-class connectivity, your specialists will have access to data and systems wherever they are – even when faced with the most hostile of environments and critical of situations.

Toughbook M1

Additional benefits of TOUGHBOOK devices

Exceptional security

Exceptional security

Dedicated accessories (in addition to docks and mounts)

Dedicated accessories

(in addition to docks and mounts)

End-to-end warranties

End-to-end warranties

Customised vehicle integration

Another reason we’re trusted by our partners is the strength of our portfolio. We offer a wide range of fully rugged, crash-tested, fixed or easily transferrable docking solutions for police cars and vans, ambulances and fire trucks.

Using our advanced engineering capabilities, we can design, develop, build and install custom docks and mounts, ensuring they meet they all necessary requirements for instance CEN European standard for ambulances.

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M1 Tablet for Emergency Services

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