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For the industrial and manufacturing specialist

Panasonic TOUGHBOOK is the european market leader for rugged notebooks and tablets.

As a manufacturer with over 100 years of experience, we’re uniquely placed to be able to work in partnership with industrial and manufacturing decision makers to deliver rugged mobile computing solutions for today’s digitally-enabled production lines and MRO field technicians

Industrial and manufacturing organisations look to TOUGHBOOK when they want to:

• Streamline workflows and improve productivity
• Minimise errors through higher accuracy
• Automate processes for greater production speeds and quality
• Decrease maintenance requirements
• Lessen unplanned downtime and increase uptime

Panasonic TOUGHBOOK PCs are eight times more reliable than average industry notebooks without rugged features*

*Sustainable Mobile Device Strategies Deliver Significant Savings for Business, White Paper
Gruppo San Benedetto Case Study

Gruppo San Benedetto Case Study

Panasonic TOUGHBOOK works along with the Italian excellence of San Benedetto in its journey of digitalization and environmental protection.

GEMBA Process White Paper

GEMBA Process White Paper

How to innovate and optimise in the face of rapidly changing business conditions and customer needs.

Toughbook in Forklifts


Forklift trucks are a vital part of warehousing. No matter what the size of your fleet, the computers you choose to mount on your forklifts are a crucial investment in the smooth and efficient running of your operation.

Recommended products



14" Semi-Rugged Windows 10 Pro Notebook with Full-HD display



Windows 10 Pro Fully Rugged Detachable with 10.1" Outdoor Full-HD Display



Pocket Size, fanless, fully rugged Windows 10 Pro Tablet with 7" Outdoor Display

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ProServices ProTect

Realise ultimate productivity anywhere, anytime without interruption.

Our unbeatable warranty options, unrivalled turnaround time, added to the proven durability of TOUGHBOOK technology will reduce downtime and accidental breakages to ensure your workforce never misses a beat.


TOUGHBOOK as a Service

Cutting-edge technology just got more affordable.

TOUGHBOOK-as-a-Service is an OPEX subscription solution, based on fixed monthly, direct debit payments over 3, 4 or 5 year terms.